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Frequently Asked Questions2020-09-10T13:37:16-07:00
What is Superlative RM?2020-05-19T16:57:59-07:00

Superlative RM is a third party debt collection agency that works for creditors to assist them with recovering past due balances from consumers. Our nationally licensed collect agency works with consumers in all 50 states.

How do I make a payment on my account?2020-07-20T21:04:24-07:00

We accept payments on accounts online through our secure portal, over the phone with our representatives or through the mail. Visit our Payments page to learn more about your options for making payments and resolving outstanding balances.

What is the phone number for Superlative RM?2020-05-19T16:59:43-07:00

You can reach our team on our toll free phone number at 888.441.4544.

What does it mean to be RMAI certified?2020-07-21T13:57:20-07:00

RMAI or Receivables Management Association International is an industry trade organization that has a certification program designed to demonstrate that organizations are complying with best practices for the credit and collections industry. To become certified companies must attend educational sessions and be reviewed by a third party auditor where we must demonstrate our compliance with the certification standards.

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